The PWR-RMT-RBT-LC10A is a network attached, IP addressed, web controlled AC power switch. Anyone with a web browser can access the switch to remotely perform power On, Off or Power Cycle (Reboot).

Web browser access to the PWR-RMT-RBT-LC10A is password protected for security. Separate passwords can be configured for user and administrator access.

PWR-RMT-RBT-LC10A features international standard IEC320 connections and is compatible with power mains worldwide. Dual Ethernet jacks and a built-in 10/100 switch make installation easy. By using the internal Ethernet switch both the PWR-RMT-RBT-LC10A and the device being power controlled can be daisy-changed on the same Ethernet cable.

In addition to the Web Browser control the Power Switch features several other means to operate automatically or under computer control.

The Auto-Ping feature allows the reboot switch to automatically detect failed equipment and perform a timed reboot. You set any IP address to be periodically pinged. When PWR-RMT-RBT-LC10A no longer detects a ping response from the address, the programmed power control function is actuated.

The Heartbeat feature is like the Auto-Ping in reverse. It uses a periodic message sent to the PWR-RMT-RBT-LC10A from a device. When that message is not received, the PWR-RMT-RBT-LC10A will perform the programmed power control function.

PWR-RMT-RBT-LC10A can also be controlled directly via messages sent via TCP. This feature allows programmers to add power control directly to their application and build automated scripts in any language to operate the PWR-RMT-RBT-LC10A.

The PWR-RMT-RBT-LC10A can be used to switch on, off or reboot of any device. The device to be power controlled need not be network attached. Reboot routers, servers, kiosks, etc. Secure sensitive devices by keeping them powered off when not in use. When not required, power down equipment to reduce energy costs. Switch on alert devices such as sirens, lamps, messaging systems or remotely control environmental systems like heaters, coolers and pumps.

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