Interworld Electronics has released the 232OPDR DIN Rail mountable RS-232 optical isolator and repeater. The 232OPDR provides 2000 V Isolation for four RS-232 signal lines, two in each direction.

The 232OPDR has four LEDís to show data flow and one LED to indicate power. The isolation provides protection for computer equipment from ground loops and induced currents caused by lightning or heavy electrical loads. The 232OPDR also functions as a repeater to extend RS-232 signals another 50 feet. The 232OPDR can support two data pairs or one data pair plus control signals in both directions.

All connections are made via terminal blocks that can accept wire sizes from 24 to 12 AWG.

The 232OPDR is constructed in a small plastic DIN Rail case measuring only 25x79x95mm. The 232OPDR consumes only 1.2Watts from a 10 to 30VDC power source. An optional external power supply is available.

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