Interworld Electronics has released the RM-V17-N-nXm-USBHDU High Density USB KVM drawer with Built-in Matrix Switch. The RM-V17-N-nXm-USBHDU combines a rack mount LCD monitor, keyboard, touchpad mouse and a high density VGA USB KVM matrix switch in a space-saving 1RU industrial strength drawer. A number of models are available allowing up to 2 users to connect to 16 computers or up to 4 users to connect to 8 computers.

The built-in 17” LCD monitor features 1280x1024 video resolution, 300nits brightness, 800:1 contrast ratio, can tilt up to 120 degrees and includes an auto-shutoff switch when in the closed position. Torque-friction hinges ensure that the monitor does not wobble, spring, or slam shut. The internal keyboard features 104 keys and includes 12 function keys and a 17 key numeric keypad. A three-button touchpad provides a Microsoft mouse compatible pointing device.

The KVM Matrix Switch allows a combination of local and remote users to connect and control the host computers. Remote users connect via a CAT5 KVM Extender and can be up to 300 ft away from the KVM drawer. The Matrix Switch also provides an addition USB 2.0 port for each user. The USB port can support touch screen monitors, CAC card readers, SMART Board™ interactive whiteboards and bar code scanners.

KVM Drawers provide the ideal solution for high-density server farms allowing users to access multiple host systems using simply keyboard switch commands. By adding a KVM Matrix switch, the RM-V17-N-nXm-USBHDU further extends the flexibility to access and control multiple computers systems.

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