The spread of Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 has made infection control a daily topic in the headline news. As the healthcare industry prepares for a possible pandemic, infection prevention and control experts know that preventing the spread of viruses among hospital staff and patients is of paramount importance.
The prevalent use of computer technology in medical environments must be considered as a potential source for cross contamination, particularly input devices such as keyboards and mice that can harbor viral and bacterial contaminates. Studies have shown that potentially harmful bacteria can survive for prolonged periods of time on computer keyboards, increasing the possibility of hospital-acquired infections (HAI’s).
Interworld Electronics supplies a range of keyboards manufactured by iKey Industrial Peripherals. iKey, a leading manufacturer of liquid-proof medical keyboards for more than 20 years, develops innovative products specifically for infection control. A study conducted by Ball State University found that a 10 percent bleach solution decontaminates iKey’s keyboards and pointing devices from methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureaus (MSRA), Hepatitis C and other infectious diseases.
IKey’s innovative designs feature keyboards with integrated pointing devices, low-profile sealed keypad surfaces for easy cleaning and backlit keys for low-light environments.
 Medical keyboards can withstand cleaning with all Hospital Grade Disinfectants - which are effective for removing germs and bacteria, 10% Bleach Solution – effective for removing blood and other contaminates and 70% Ethanol Solution – effective for removing E.Coli.
 The cleaning procedure recommends massaging the solution between the keys with cotton balls and allowing the disinfectant to stand for at least 10 minutes before rinsing and wiping down. It should be noted that soap and water solutions along are not sufficient to kill or remove bacteria.
Medical keyboards and pointing devices are ideal for operating rooms, patient rooms, medical carts and workstations.

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