Interworld Electronics has released the EIRSP1 Industrial-Strength Ethernet Surge Protector from B&B Electronics. The EIRSP1 is designed to protect all eight lines used in a standard CAT5e Ethernet cable.

The EIRSP1 is compatible with 10/100BaseT networks and 802.11af (Modes A & B) Power Over Ethernet (POE). Mode A POE applies power to the data pairs, pins 1/2 and 3/6 while Mode B POE applies power to the unused pairs, pins 4/5 and 7/8. When a transient pulse occurs the EIRSP1 will clamp all data lines to a maximum of 60 Volts. The EIRSP1 can withstand transients with a peak pulse power of 600 Watts and peak surge current of 1000 Amps. The EIRSP1 has a wide operating temperature range of 40 to +80C making it ideal for industrial applications.

Network connections are made using standard RJ-45 connectors. Grounding is accomplished using a ground lug, which accepts 14 to 22 AWG wire. Stranded or braided cable is recommended with a three-foot maximum run to Earth Ground. The EIRSP1 is housed in an IP30 plastic DIN rail case. An Optional panel mount adapter is also available.

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