One of the challenges of working with network equipment is that sometimes network devices (especially older devices) only have a single power inlet. Although this type of power configuration works fine in non-critical network applications it falls drastically short for network applications in banking, government or transportation that require power supply redundancy in order to ensure reliability and constant availability

PTS Series Redundant Power Application

If your primary network power supply fails, it's absolutely vital that your network can quickly and automatically recover ... before you're deluged by a torrent of angry inquiries from both customers and supervisors. Power supply redundancy ensures that vital network capabilities are always available when needed, and also makes life easier for any IT Administrator who just doesn't want to have his sleep or his weekend interrupted by an untimely service call caused by a finicky power supply.

Setting up a network with power supply redundancy is simple if every device in your equipment rack already includes dual power inputs. But what do you do if you've already got a rack full of older, single power input network devices, or routers, switches or firewalls that don't include a secondary power inlet? Replacing single power inlet network devices can be both costly and time consuming, but without power redundancy, itís pretty obvious that a simple power outage or generator failure can quickly bring your network to a halt.

Our PTS Series Automatic Power Transfer Switches offer a simple, cost-effective solution for power supply redundancy for single power input devices. Simply connect your single power inlet router, server or switch to the PTS power outlet, connect the PTS to a primary and secondary power source, and you have instant power supply redundancy with automatic power fallback capability ... without replacing your older, non-redundant power supply equipment.

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