Interworld Electronics has released the VMR-HD Series Switched PDUs from Western Telematic. The VMR-HD Series High Amp Outlet Metered Switched PDUs are specifically designed to provide secure, remote power control, metering and reboot capabilities for high amp devices such as Cisco Catalyst 6500 LAN Switches. There are many products that allow remote power control, but the VMR-HD is the only one thatís designed to deliver, switch AND meter high amp power.

Two different models capable of handling 16 Amp or 32 Amp inputs are available.

The VMR-HD4D16 features dual 16 Amp inputs while The VMR-HD4D32 features dual 32 Amp inputs. Both models feature (4) four individually metered & switched IEC C19 outlets and (4) four 16 Amp UL-489 circuit breakers. Each circuit breaker protects one IEC C19 outlet and supports up to 16 Amps.

The VMR -HD does more than just control power and reboot functions; it can also meter energy use and report findings in text or graph format; a very valuable tool for those who need to track power use and energy costs. Advanced metering capabilities allow the VMR -HD to measure and report Kilowatt Hours, Kilowatts, Amps, Voltage and Temperature. When any of these factors exceed threshold values, the VMR -HD can switch or reboot power and promptly send notification. The VMR -HD can also perform remote reboots and power shutdowns on demand, or when a device fails to respond to a ping command or according to a user-defined schedule.

If you need reliable, secure, remote power control for high amp devices then you should take a closer look at the wide range of features and capabilities that our new VMR -HD Series Switched PDUs can provide.

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