The SPLITMUX-DVI-4 Quad Screen Multi-viewer allows you to simultaneously display video from four different computers or video devices on a single monitor. The SPLITMUX-DVI-4 provides four DVI-I inputs and one DVI-I output. Both digital DVI-D and analogue VGA video signals can be connected to the inputs with appropriate cables and simultaneously displayed on the output monitor.

All DVI devices, such as Computers, DVD players, satellite receivers and HDTV tuners can connect to the SPLITMUX-DVI-4. Composite video sources such as security cameras can also be connected by using a Composite / S-video to VGA converter. The SPLITMUX-DVI-4 supports VGA resolutions up to 1600x1200, DVI resolutions up to 1900x1200 and HDTV resolutions up to 1080p.
Each input also includes a PS/2 and a fully transparent USB 2.0 connection allowing a computer keyboard, mice and other USB peripherals to be connected to the SPLITMUX-DVI-4 and shared between any connected computers for complete KVM Switch operation.

The SPLITMUX-DVI-4 supports Quad, Picture in Picture, Full Screen, Dual, and Fade Through Black display modes on the output monitor. Users can simultaneously monitor multiple video sources or computers and choose with one to control with the keyboard and mouse.

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