Interworld Electronics has released the  ENVIROMUX® E-16D Advanced Server Environment Monitoring System from Network Technologies Incorporated (NTI).
The E-16D utilizes an array or sensors to monitor critical sever room environmental and security conditions. When an environmental sensor goes out of range of a configurable threshold or a security sensor is triggered, the system will notify you via email, alarm beacon, front panel LED indicators, web page notification, network management (SNMP) software or a SMS message (via a USB 3G modem).
The E-16D provides 16 RJ45 ports for connecting external sensors, 8 digital inputs and 4 relay outputs. The environmental sensors include: Air, Duct and Pipe Temperature Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Liquid / Water and Smoke Detectors. Security sensors include: a range of Power, Motion, Vibration and Intrusion Detectors. The E-16D can monitor (ping) up to 64 IP addresses to determine if critical server or network equipment is up and running. Up to 8 IP Surveillance Cameras can be viewed simultaneously via a web interface and event-triggered IP camera snapshots can be sent via email. An optional USB port feature allows the system to send alerts via USB 3G modem or download log data to a USB drive.
E-16D Systems are available with 240VAC, 24VDC or 48VDC power supply options and include a rechargeable SLA back-up battery that can provide power for one hour of operation. All models are also available with dual redundant power inputs and can automatically, switch over to the second power source before switching to the back-up battery.
A maximum of four E-16D Systems can be cascaded to increase the number of sensor ports. The E-16D can be controlled and configured via a console port or the web interface. Optional Management software provides a graphical user interface that can manage up to 3000 E-16D Systems
The  ENVIROMUX® Series also includes the E-5D and E-2D for applications that require less sensors or security devices. The E-5D supports 5 external configurable sensors while the E-2D supports 2 external sensors. Both allow up to 5 digital inputs for security devices.

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