Medical environments offer unique challenges for keeping keyboards and other technology free from infectious viruses and bacteria. By preventing cross contamination, iKey medical grade input devices protect patients and caregivers from MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis, and other deadly diseases.

Studies by the University of Arizona, Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, and others have shown that bacteria such as deadly MRSA and VRE can survive on computer keyboards and mice. Viruses like influenza can endure on such surfaces as long as 72 hours.

Disinfecting equipment can be a vital step in preventing the spread of infection, and iKey’s sealed, easily-sterilized devices withstand bleach, hospital-grade disinfectants, and other harsh chemical agents.

In October 2004, Ball State University conducted tests on behalf of iKEY to test whether their SlimKey-MD medical keyboard could be disinfected of MRSA, and how it withstands a hospital bleach solution. The final results showed zero growth of MRSA after cleaning, and the keyboard continued to work flawlessly.

The FL-Series represents a further improvement of iKEY’s outstanding SlimKey-MD line. They are ideal for OR’s, patient rooms, carts, ICU’s and retractable workstations. For working in low-light environments, the keyboards are even available with the convenience of backlit keys.

Features include:
  • Low-profile keys for easy and effective cleaning
  • Backlit keys for working in low-light environments
  • Tough Silicone rubber keys and ABS polycarbonate case for superior durability and ease of use
  • Wireless models for mobility throughout the treatment area
IKEY’s medical keyboards and pointing devices are a proven solution to meet the rising standards of infection control, and ensuring all measurements are met to protect your patients and your facility from the risk of hospital-acquired infections.

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