Our new range of Climate and Power Monitors from Geist protect server rooms, data centres, laboratories and any critical facilities that require climate control. The range includes the extremely compact WATCHDOG-15 Climate monitor that can be placed almost anywhere. Its built-in sensors can measure temperature and humidity while user defined alarm points can be set to notify system administrator when extreme conditions occur.

More sophisticated rack mount solutions such as the WATCHDOG-1400 Series provide relay outputs to control external warning devices and environmental control systems. A wide range of external digital and analogue sensors can be attached to monitor Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, Moisture, Water Leakage, Air Flow, Smoke, Voltage and Current.

All products in the range include an internal web server that can be accessed to remotely check the status of the environment and view graphs of logged data. External IP Web Cams can also be viewed via the web interface.

Support for email and SNMP allows recipients to be directly notified or network monitoring programs such as HP OpenView, IP Sentry, MRTG or What's Up Gold to easily add the climate monitor to their list of monitored devices.

Geist Web Enabled Climate and Power Monitors

The complete range includes:
  • WATCHDOG-100: Climate monitor with Internal Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point Sensor
  • WATCHDOG-15: Compact Environmental Monitor with optional Power Over Ethernet
  • WATCHDOG-1000: Temperature Monitor with Digital and Analogue Sensor Ports
  • WATCHDOG-1400: Temperature Monitor with Digital and Analogue Sensor Ports, Relay Outputs and LCD Display
  • WATCHDOG-1200 Climate Monitor with Digital and Analogue Sensor Ports
  • WATCHDOG-1250: Climate Monitor with built-in Light and Sound Sensors, Digital and Analogue Sensor Ports and LCD Display

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