Interworld Electronics has expanded its range of Modbus Distributed I/O modules to include the SeaI/O-570 multi-function module. Offering a powerful combination of analogue and digital I/O, SeaI/O-570 modules are perfect for a wide variety of applications including process control, data acquisition, broadcast communications and remote environmental monitoring.

The SeaI/O-570 provides eight single-ended 16-bit analogue inputs, eight optically isolated digital inputs and eight Form C relay outputs. The moduleís A/D inputs are independently software selectable for +/-5VDC or +/-15VDC ranges and feature high input impedance, allowing easy connection to a variety of sensors. The eight isolated inputs are rated for 5-30VDC and provide 3500VDC external isolation, while the SeaI/O-570ís eight Form C outputs are configurable as normally-open or normally-closed and can switch DC loads up to 24W.

Ordering options allow connection to a host device via Wireless (802.11b/g), Ethernet (Modbus/TCP), RS-485 (Modbus/RTU), USB or RS-232. Field removable terminal blocks are standard, facilitating fast, flexible field wiring. SeaI/O modules operate from 9-30VDC, and can be table or DIN rail mounted.

A variety of SeaI/O expansion modules are available offering Reed and Form C relays, optically isolated inputs, TTL interface to industry standard solid-state relay racks, A/D, and D/A functionality. Multiple units of any I/O type can be easily daisy chained together using convenient pass-through connectors. Installation is made easy using Sealevelís software configuration tools. Application programs or 3rd party software can use Sealevelís SeaMAX library or the industry standard Modbus protocol to communicate with the modules.

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