Interworld Electronics has released the MSR255 compact datalogger. With up to five different sensors, four additional analogue inputs and an easy to read LCD screen the MSR255 offers maximum possible flexibility and user-friendliness.

The measuring tasks undertaken by the user define the way in which the MSR255 is configured: There is a choice of temperature, humidity, air pressure and light sensors (fitted internally within the case or externally on a cable) together with a sensor for measuring acceleration in all three co-ordinate axis. All measurements can be recorded at up to once per second. The 3-axis acceleration sensor allows the peak value to be recorded once a second while taking measurements at up to 1600 values per second per axis. In addition, the voltage of four external analogue channels or sensors can also be recorded. These additional inputs allow external third-party sensors to be connected. The analogue inputs also feature an alarm output and an input for starting and stopping data recording. If required, the external sensors can be powered by the logger's internal battery. The power can be automatically turned on before measurements take place. A pre-settable lead-time can be defined to allow for sensor warm-up periods.

The memory capacity of the MSR255 can store over 2 million measurement parameters. Thanks to its high-capacity 2300 mAh lithium polymer battery the datalogger is ideal for long-term data acquisition applications. The MSR255 features two keys for selecting functions, three LEDs to indicate data recording, alarm and battery condition and a 4-row backlit LCD display. All acquired data can be quickly transferred to a PC or laptop via the USB interface.

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