The 104-QUAD Series cards are general-purpose Quadrature Encoder / Counter Interface boards. The 104-QUAD Series is available with 4, 6 or 8 channels of quadrature encoder inputs allowing up to 8 encoders to be connected to a system. Designed for the popular PC/104 format the 104-QUAD Series can be integrated into a range of embedded PC controllers.

Based on the LSI/CSI LS7266R1 integrated circuit the core functions handled by the 104-QUAD Series cards include direction and total count. By performing these functions on-board, the host computer processor is free to concentrate on high-level application tasks.

The ability to provide an interrupt for the index position frees the computer from the necessity of constantly reading the position of an encoder. Interrupts are directed to levels #2 through #7, #10 through #12 or #15 by jumper installation.

Designed for industrial applications, each input line is buffered and capable of accepting inputs up to 6 volts. A +5 Volt source is available to provide power for the attached encoders.

The card occupies 32 bytes of I/O address space and the base address can be selected via jumpers to be anywhere within the range of 100-3E0 hex. An illustrated setup program is provided with the card displays the locations and position of the jumpers required to configure the board’s address and interrupt levels.

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