The Ai-Logix SmartWORKS HPX software based Host Media Processing solution provides an easy to deploy low to medium-density call recording solution for VoIP networks. The SmartWORKS HPX is an essential component of your call recording solution that provides packet filtering and media forwarding for IP-PBXs. The HPX is capable of monitoring up to 300 concurrently active calls.

The HPX is the first software only SmartWORKS blade. The host computerís NIC card can be connected directly to an available mirror port. When used in conjunction with a TX100 mirror port unit, it can be connected passively anywhere within the IP-PBX configuration.

The HPX includes a Session Manager for tracking calls and media sessions on the IP network. Each media session is treated independantly with a unique session ID. Your application can easily manage call forwarding with the session IDs provided by the HPX software using the SmartWORKS API.

The SmartWORKS HPX software simplifies Station Management by automatically locating all VoIP stations on the network and assigning a unique ID to each endpoint. HPX dynamically identifies phones as they are added to the network and reports when they are removed.

When combined with the Ai-Logix HPXMedia Software Recorder the HPX Software provides complete event triggering, call state reporting and media processing for many of the industry leading IP based PBX systems.

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