Interworld Electronics has added the PCIe-IIRO-8 digital control card from Acces I/O Inc. to its growing range of PCI-e data acquisition and control products. The PCIe-IIRO-8 is a x1 PCI-Express Isolated Input and Relay Output board with Change of State (COS) detection capabilities. COS detection allows the PCIe-IIRO-8 to notify the host system that an input signal has changed improving the efficiency of monitoring and control applications.

The isolated inputs can be driven by either AC or DC and are not polarity sensitive. Input signals are rectified by a diode bridge and current limited by a 470ohm resistor before being applied to the opto-isolators. Standard 12/24 AC control signals can be accepted as well as DC voltages. The standard input voltage range is 5V to 24V (rms), which can be extended by connecting external series resistors.

The PCIe-IIRO-8 electro-mechanical relay outputs include five form C SPDT outputs and three Form A SPST (normally-open) outputs. The relays are all de-energized at power-on to remove the possibility of generating invalid control signals during system initialization. Data to the relays is latched.

The PCIe-IIRO-8 is a full height 4.2 (10.7cm) high, 6.6 (16.8cm) length card. A male 37-pin D connector is provided for external I/O wiring. A range of ribbon cables and termination panels can be attached to facilitate the connection of external equipment.

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