Interworld Electronics has released the PTS-9CM20-2 Automatic Power Transfer Switch manufactured by Western Telematic Inc. The PTS-9CM20-2 is designed to provide safe, reliable power fallback for single-corded rack mount equipment. The PTS-9CM20-2 includes dual AC inlets, for connection to both a primary power source and a secondary redundant power source. This allows the PTS-9CM20-2 to seamlessly switch from your primary power to your back-up power in the event that the primary power source fails or is unavailable.

The PTS-9CM20-2 provides eight IEC-60320-C13 10A outlet connectors and one IEC-60320-C19 16A* outlet to power your servers and network equipment. Two IEC-60320-C20 20A input connectors provide connection to the primary and redundant power sources. The PTS-9CM20-2 provides continuous source monitoring and robust out of phase switching with typical switching times of 8 to 12ms and a maximum of 16ms when connected to 60Hz AC power. LED indicators are used to display the active power source. The PTS-9CM20-2 requires only 1RU of rack space and mounts in industry standard 19 rack cabinets.

The PTS-9CM20-2 provides reliable power redundancy for legacy devices that do not include a secondary power inlet.

*In accordance with UL requirements this value has been de-rated by 20%

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