The new VMR Series outlet metered Power Distribution Units (PDUs) allow secure power management of rack mount equipment via web browser, telnet, external modem or local terminal interfaces. Power at each outlet can be remotely switched On/Off individually or as a group for dual redundant power supply servers. The VMR provides outlet, group or branch metering to monitor power to your equipment and can automatically notify you when changes in current levels, temperature, circuit breaker status or other factors exceed user-defined threshold values. Total power usage on each circuit can be graphically displayed to show spikes or drops in current, voltage and temperature.
Users can be notified via email, SNMP, Syslog, text message, LED or audible alarm. The VMR can even ping a critical network appliance or server and notify you or reboot the device if it detects a ping-no-answer event.
The VMR provides a multi-level subscriber directory with Plug-Specific password protection. Remote authentication using LDAP, Kerberos, RADIUS or TACACS+ is also supported. Secure Shell (SSHv2) encryption, HTTPS protocols, address-specific IP security masks and an invalid access lockout feature prevent unauthorized access to command and configuration functions. In addition an Audit Trail feature records all user access, login / logout times and command actions.
Three VMR models providing eight or sixteen 10 Amp outputs with either single or dual 16 Amp inputs are available.

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