The VEEMUX® SM-16X16-C5AVR-LCD is a versatile multi-input audio/VGA video to CAT5 matrix switch that independently switches sixteen sets of VGA and optional audio signals to any or all of its sixteen CAT5 outputs. Each CAT5 output connects to a CAT5 Receiver module that can be mounted up to 600ft (180m) from the matrix switch. Models with only eight inputs and eight outputs are also available.

The SM-16X16-C5AVR-LCD supports VGA input video signals with resolutions up to 1920 x 1440 pixels and uses standard male DB15 VGA cables to connect the video-only inputs. Optional combination VGA plus stereo audio cables are required for audio signal routing. The remote CAT5 receiver modules provide a female DB15 connector for VGA output and an optional 3.5 mm stereo jack for audio output.

The SM-16X16-C5AVR-LCD can be controlled by three methods: Front Panel LCD with Keypad, from a computer via the RS232 interface or via an Ethernet connection. The front panel LCD display shows the current connections and audio levels for the selected port.

The SM-16X16-C5AVR-LCD is the ideal solution for applications, such as mission critical command centers, classrooms, sports facilities and entertainment venues.

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