Interworld has released the LVDT-8U signal conditioning board from Acces I/O. The LVDT-8U supports Half-bridge LVDTs requiring high-gain and a wide offset adjustment and includes a master channel for frequency generation to which all other channels are synchronized. This eliminates beat frequencies when sampling the outputs with a fast A/D and provides more reliable and accurate data.

The board simultaneously supplies excitation and conditions the corresponding outputs for up to eight independent LVDT transducers. Outputs signals are readily available via removable screw terminals that facilitate the connection of data acquisition or measurement circuits such as an analogue to digital converter or display meters.

The LVDT-8U also has an LED display utility allowing users to easy check the operation of the sensors and signal conditioner. Jumper select the channel of interest and observe the output voltage level as +10V, +5V, ZERO, -5V or -10V. This inherently makes the product more serviceable and vastly more user friendly.

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