Four integrated analogue inputs, a high measurement rate and a gigantic memory capacity, all packed into a small format (39 x 23 x 72mm) module are the key characteristics of the new MSR160 datalogger. The analogue inputs (0 to 3.0V, 12 bit) can be used for conventional sensors with analogue outputs (e.g. CO2, conductivity, pH etc).

This highly versatile datalogger has a measurement rate of up to 1000 measurements per second and can be optionally fitted with additional internal or external temperature, humidity and pressure sensors. With the optional microSD card over one billion measurement parameters can be recorded and saved using the MSR160. The MSR160 weighs approx. 80g, has an anodised aluminium case and a 900mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery. All saved data can be rapidly transferred to a PC or laptop via the USB interface. A user-friendly data acquisition and analysis software package is supplied free along with the datalogger.

Sensors for a multitude of measurement tasks can be connected to the MSR160 datalogger. The four analogue inputs ensure maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications. Examples include: automotive industry (vehicle manufacture and development), measurement and testing applications for railways and monitoring applictiond for the environmental technology sector. Its robust small format is ideally suited to outdoor applications such as measurements at wind power generator installations. With the appropriate sensors connected, the MSR160 is equally at home in the food processing, laboratory technology and patient monitoring applications.

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