Interworld Electronics is pleased to accept the distributorship of MSR Electronics Dataloggers and Measuring Equipment. MSR Electronics GmbH develops and markets stand-alone dataloggers of the highest quality for a wide range of applications requiring short and long-term measurements. The MSR dataloggers are highly suited to a wide range of data collection and monitoring tasks in industrial, commercial and research areas including: the traffic and transport sector, warehouse monitoring, pharmaceuticals industry, environmental technologies, aviation, research and development, engineering, medical technology, chemicals industry, textile industry, museums, building services, power industry, food and laboratory technology.

MSR Electronics products include:

MSR145 Mini-Datalogger

A Competitively priced mini logger for temperature, humidity, pressure, light and acceleration/attitude. This thumb-sized quality datalogger records over 2 000 000 measurement parameters and is capable of simultaneously measuring and recording the five primary physical variables temperature, humidity, pressure, 3-axis acceleration and light. External third-party sensors can also be connected to the MSR145 by selecting the appropriate expansion unit. Features include: Up to 5 measurement parameters in 1 datalogger, an additional 2 or 4 analogue inputs for external sensors, memory capacity for over 2,000,000 measurements, weighs only 16g, free firmware update via USB, Li-ion battery, free choice of case, measurement parameters and sensors.

MSR165 3-axis Shock Datalogger for Long-Term Measurements

This waterproof datalogger, in its anodised aluminium case, has extremely low power requirements due to its high-performance 3-axis accelerometer (150 microamperes, 13-bit resolution). Thanks to its rechargeable 900mAh lithium-polymer battery the unit can record shock measurements over a period of six months.

Features include: vibration measurements, 1600/s measurement frequency, acceleration measurements up to 15g, memory capacity for over 2,000,000 measurements, additional temperature, humidity, pressure and light together with 4 analogue inputs for third-party sensors, expandable using an SD card, 900mAh Li-ion battery, weighs only 64g and is supplied with free software.

MSR12 Custom Datalogger

Thanks to its modular design the MSR12 is able to provide almost any measurement functionality to meet your application requirements. Users can customise the unit according to their specific requirements and benefit from the following:

  • A measuring instrument that is optimally tailored to your field of application
  • Capability of recording and storing over 100 physical parameters simultaneously and at different measurement frequencies
Alongside a real-time clock, the basic unit includes the following modules as standard: 3-axis accelerometer, air pressure and ambient temperature sensors additional sensors including: breathing rate, breathing pattern, ECG, fluid pressure, heart rate, body temperature, air pressure, atmospheric humidity, pulse, voltage/current, and ambient temperature may be added to the MSR12. Other features include: different measurement frequencies up to 10kHz, graphic display, expansion slots and NiMH battery. All this in a unit that weighs only 180g.

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