Interworld Electronics has released the NAVPIXEL NPD Series high-performance Sunlight Readable rugged touch screen monitors from Litemax. Engineered to survive in Marine environment and housed in a milled billet aluminium case, the slim-profile NPD Series monitors are either splash-proof IP65 rated or watertight IP68 rated with fully sealed connectors.

Five NAVPIXEL NPD Series models are available with screen sizes ranging from 8.4 inches through to 19 inches. The 8.4 NPD0835 is fully sealed to IP68 specifications and features a fanless design with a wide operating temperature range of 20C to +50C. All other models have IP65 rated front panels, are fan cooled and are available with 12.1, 15, 17 and 19 LCD screens.

All models use long life, low power consumption LED backlights that exhibit an extremely high brightness of 1000nits. The NAVPIXEL NPD Series can operate from a wide range supply and will accept a 9VDC to 36VDC input as a power source.

In addition, the high power efficiency and low heat design guarantee the stability and longevity required for mission critical deployment.

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