Many customer have expressed an interest in USB Data Acquisition products with LabVIEW or Linux driver support. Interworld Electronics is pleased to announce that the Acces I/O range of USB Data Acquisition modules are now available with LabVIEW VI and Linux driver.

Supported products include:
USB-AI12-16 and USBAI16-16 USB 16 channel 12-bit and 16-bit analogue input modules.
USB-DIO-16 USB Digital Waveform (Pattern) Generator Modules, 16 High-Speed Digital I/O Lines
USB-DIO-32 USB 32 digital I/O, rugged enclosure and screw terminal connector
USB-IDIO-16 USB 8 or 16 Isolated Input and Solid State Relay Output Digital I/O Modules
USB-IIRO-16 USB 4, 8 or 16 Isolated Inputs and 4, 8, or 16 Relay Output Digital I/O Modules
USB-IIRO4-2SM USB Isolated I/O and Serial Communication Board

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