Interworld Electronics has expanded its range of iKey Industrial and Medical keyboards to include a new selection of keyboards designed for mobile mounting. These new keyboards provide rear threaded mounting holes in the case that allow the keyboards to be securely mounted.

Interworld understands that mobility and durability are key requirements for mobile and material handling applications.

The range includes small-footprint keyboards with up to 113 keys in a variety of key layouts that include function keys, control keys and numeric keypads. Features such as built-in touch pads or HulaPoint pointing devices, small footprint designs and backlighting make iKey’s industrial keyboards ideal for installation on forklifts, heavy vehicles and other mobile applications such as medical carts and scanning devices.

In addition to being resistant to dust, dirt and water, iKey’s NEMA4/IP65 industrial keyboards come in various innovative shapes and sizes.

Available with PS/2, USB and Bluetooth Wireless connectivity options, Interworld's mobile industrial keyboards guarantee long-term performance satisfaction under the rugged conditions.

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