Interworld has release a new range of Human Machine Interface (HMI) Controllers. Human Machine Interface (HMI) Controllers are specifically designed for monitoring and process control Applications. Ideal for graphical machine control through the use of touch screens, these dedicated Panel PCs are available with a range of RISC and Intel based processors and provide support for embedded operating systems.

HMI Controllers combine an embedded single board computer based on a RISC or standard Intel processor with a TFT LCD screen housed in a compact chassis that can be panel or VESA mounted. All models are passive cooled and provide fanless noise free operation. LCD screen sizes range from 5.7” VGA (640x480) through to 19” XVGA (1280x1024) resolution. A range of processor options are available

HMI Controllers provide an extensive range of I/O options including Serial, Parallel, Ethernet, Secondary Video and Audio connectors. HMI Controller front panels are rated to NEMA 4 / IP65 and when mounted in a panel are resisted to dust and water penetration. Most models can operate from a low voltage DC power source

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