Interworld Electronics supplies a wide range of Industrial, Medical and Kiosk Keyboards and Pointing Devices. Harsh environments present a unique set of problems for computer keyboards and pointing devices. Industrial keyboards must survive dust, liquid contaminates, oil and grease, temperature and heavy handed use. Medical devices must be resistant to liquids, biological contaminates and meet infection control guidelines. Kiosk devices need to be vandal and weather proof.

Although environmental protection is important, many specialized applications are also characterized by space constraints or require mobile or panel mounted devices.


IKEY’s industrial keyboards are sealed devices rated to NEMA 4X or IP65. They incorporate an industrial silicone rubber keypad into an ABS-Polycarbonate plastic or stainless steel case. Panel mounting, Desktop and Mobile options with standard interfaces such as USB, PS/2, AT and Bluetooth Wireless are available. The extensive range also includes small footprint QWERTY and Alphabetic layout keyboards.

Popular models include:
DT-1000 – Desktop Sealed Keyboard with Stainless Steel Case
DU-5K – Small Footprint Keyboard with Integrated HulaPoint
PM-1000 – Key Desktop Sealed Keyboard with Stainless Steel Bezel
PM-5K – Panel Mount Sealed Keyboard, Stainless Steel Bezel with Integrated HulaPoint

Industrial pointing devices are often built into keyboards but are also available as stand along devices.

Models include:
HP-DT – HULAPOINT Desktop NEMA4X Sealed Pointing Device
PM-TB – Panel Mount NEMA 4X Trackball
VP2000 – DuraPoint Industrial Sealed Pointing Device


IKEY's new SlimKey-MD medical keyboards are designed for the specific needs of healthcare environments and infection control. Ideal for use in OR's and patient rooms, with medical carts or retractable workstations, the SlimKey-MD series are reliable keyboards that can be wiped down using hospital disinfecting sprays or germicidal wipes. The SlimKey-MD's ABS Polycarbonate case and silicone rubber keypad are sealed to NEMA 4, 4X (IP-65) industrial specifications making it resistant to dust, liquids and biological contaminates. Cleaning the SlimKey-MD is easy because its low-profile keys help to eliminate the difficult nooks and crannies found on standard keyboards. These keyboards are ultra-thin and compact units and feature integrated HulaPoint or touchpad pointing devices, eliminating the need for an external mouse. When working in low light conditions, backlit keys help to reduce operator-typing errors improving the reliability of critical applications.

Models Include:
SLK-101-FL – Sealed Medical Keyboard, 12 Function Keys
SLK-102-TP-FLL – Sealed Medical Keyboard with 12 Function Keys and Integrated TouchPad
DT-OM – AquaPoint Waterproof Mouse


Zupera Stainless Steel keyboards, Key pads, touch pads and trackballs are specifically designed for harsh kiosk environments. These panel mounted, virtually vandal proof and weather proof input devices have wipe clean fascias and key-tops and can meet IP65 specifications when mounted in a suitable enclosure. Most models have factory configurable blank keys that can be customized to meet user requirements.

Popular models include:
CROWN-KBT Series – Stainless steel keyboard with integrated Trackball
CROWN-KBT-FN Series – Stainless steel keyboard with function keys and integrated Trackball

While integrated pointing devices are popular, the stainless steel trackballs and touchpads are available as standard alone panel mounted devices.

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