The FASTCOMFSCC adapter is the one of the most advanced synchronous communications adapters in the industry. The FASTCOMFSCC supports data rates up to 50 Mbits/s. The FASTCOMFSCC is a dual channel RS-422/485 adapter, with each channel being individually configurable to use HDLC/SDLC, ASYNC (using 19c950 UARTS), or X-SYNC protocols. Although similar to the ESCC and SuperFastcom families of adapters, the FSCC expands on these previous adapters.

Designed to comply with the latest PCI specifications, the FASTCOMFSCC Universal PCI (PCI version 2.3) adapter will operate in both 5V and 3.3V PCI slots. This means the card will work in the high speed PCI-X slots commonly found in most new servers, as well as the standard PCI slots in desktop PC's. This flexibility allows for a single serial interface board to be used across a wide range of computers including both current and future computing systems.

The FASTCOMFSCC has been designed to eliminate obsolescence. By designing a serial communications controller to meet customers’ needs and building a card around it, Commtech have put an end to the lifespan problems that plague most computing customers. Wholly designed and owned by Commtech, Inc, this FPGA based SCC has most of the features that customers are used to seeing in a quality Fastcom product. It also includes a few new features that come directly from customer requests. If the existing FPGA technology is ever discontinued by the chip manufacturer, the design can simply be re-targeted to the next generation of FPGA chips with no impact on compatibility.

Software drivers and example programs are included for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, 2003x64, and Linux kernels 2.4 and 2.6

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