Fanless Embedded PCs often require a customized display to meet an applications specification. Displays may need to be panel or rack mounted in standard and non-standard enclosures. Varying degrees of environmental protection may be required or a display capable of being read under extreme light conditions may be called for.

Interworld Electronics carries a range of rack and panel mount Industrial and Sunlight Readable LCD monitors that are ideal for use with our BOXER Series Embedded Control PCs and many other industrial applications.

The ADP Series Panel Mount Industrial LCD monitors are constructed in rack or panel mounted Steel chassis with aluminium alloy IP65 rated bezels or Stainless Steel chassis with IP ratings on five sides. Open frame (without a Bezel) are also available. Touch screen options are available for all models making the APD-7000 Series ideal for KIOSK manufactures. The ADP Series screen sizes range from ADP-1050 5.7 640x480 pixel LCD to the ADP-1224 21.5 wide Screen 1920x1080 pixel display.

The AP-SLD Series Sunlight Readable Panel Mount Industrial LED LCD monitors are ideal for portable or mobile applications where the monitor may be exposed to direct sunlight. They exhibit wide viewing angles of typically 140/120, fast response times, high contrast ratios up to 700:1 and an extremely high brightness with a luminance up to1600nits. Ten models are available ranging from 6.4 640x480 resolution through to 42" 1366x768 resolution screens.

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