The 104-AIM-32 is an analogue signal multiplexer conforming to the PC/104 standard. The card will multiplex and condition 16 differential or 32 single-ended analogue signals before passing them to an analogue-to-digital converter card like the 104-AIO12-8. A total of eight 104-AIM-32 can be connected in tandem with one 104-AIO12-8 A/D converter board to provide a maximum of 256 single ended or 128 differential ended input channels.

A variety of sensors such as thermocouples (J,K,T,E,S,R, and B), three-wire RTD’s (both 392-and 385-alpha), strain gages, 4-20mA current inputs as well as DC and AC voltage inputs can be connected to the 104-AIM-32. Optional bridge completion circuits, current to voltage circuits, and current sourcing circuits for the RTD’s may be installed at the factory. A precision 15VDC sensor excitation source is supplied. To provide reference junction compensation for thermocouple measurements an optional temperature sensor can be installed on the input terminal block.

When selected by the multiplexer an input is filtered, amplified, and offset to condition the signal prior to A-to-D conversion. A convenient feature of this card is that it can be used with mixed-range analogue inputs. Each of the 16 differential or 32 single-ended input channels and the 6 voltage ranges for each channel are independently software selectable. A mix of differential and single-ended channels as well as different sensor interface configurations for each channel is possible. A major feature of the 104-AIM-32 is automatic offset and gain error correction using digital potentiometers controlled by correction coefficients stored on the card. Calibration software is provided.

To facilitate interfacing a removable screw-terminal block (Model 104-TBK-50) can be optionally provided for the termination of the input signals.

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