Interworld Electronics’ new range of USB Digital I/O includes buffered TTL digital I/O, isolated inputs devices, 1 Amp and 2 Amp electromechanical relay output devices and combination digital I/O with onboard serial ports to provide a complete I/O and communications solution. All our USB Digital I/O products a supplied in rugged external enclosures. Many of the products are also available as a board only OEM option for embedded applications.

Buffered TTL Digital I/O devices include the USB-DIO-32, DIO48-USB and DIO96-USB which provide 32, 48 or 96 Digital I/O lines capable of sinking 64mA. The I/O lines are accessed via 50-pin IDC connectors compatible with industry standard relay and isolation racks.

Isolated input and relay output modules include the DIO8-USB which provides 8 isolated inputs and 8 electro-mechanical relays with 2 Amp rated contacts, the USB-IIRO Series providing modules with 4, 8 or 16 isolated inputs and relay outputs with 1 Amp rated contacts and the USB-IIRO4-2SM which combines 4 isolated inputs, 4 relay outputs and 2 multi-protocol RS-232/422/485 communication ports.

The USB-DIO-32, USB-IIRO Series and the USB-IIRO4-2SM can be supplied as a board only OEM option. These modules use PC boards that have been designed to meet the PC/104 form factor. This allows the boards to be included in a standard PC/104 stack and to connect via a short USB cable to the PC/104 CPU modules USB port.

Interworld Electronics’ USB Digital I/O products allow the current generation of USB enabled computers to communicate with and control external equipment in laboratories, factories and process control environments.

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