Ai-Logix, Inc. designs and manufactures the finest CT integration, call centre recording and call centre monitoring products. Ai-Logix hardware and SmartWORKS™ software development API's are used by developers worldwide to provide communication solutions for public safety and call centre recording, service observation, IVR, unified messaging, and intelligent dialing.

The SmartWORKS™ product family comprises the latest offering in Voice and Data cards for call recording, call logging, IVR, UM, Intelligent call handling and other CTI applications. All SmartWORKS™ products have a full complement of on-board voice resources tightly integrated with telephony interfaces. The telephony interfaces supported include high impedance analog, digital trunk, and digital PBX telephone sets as well as interfaces for terminating analog and digital trunks. SmartWORKS™ API offers a large selection of voice CODECS including G.723.1, G.729A and MS GSM.

The SmartWORKS™ product family includes the IPX Series for IP-PBX call recording applications, the NGX Series for recording proprietary PBXs, the DP Series for passively monitoring and recording T1/E1 trunks, the DT Series for voice-driven monitoring and recording of T1/E1 trunks with service observation and the LD Series for voice-driven monitoring and recording of analog lines with complete line supervision.

The Ai-Logix SmartWORKS™ call recording hardware is used by the worlds leading Call Recording software solution providers including: Witness Systems, etalk, ASC, Verint Systems and Talking Computers Ltd.

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