ACCESS I/O Digital Input and Output Boards are available for Universal PCI, PC/104 and the USB Bus. The Universal PCI bus Boards can operate from 3.3V or 5V and are compatible with all PCI bus implementations. The ACCESS I/O range of PC/104 Digital I/O boards are ideal for embedded control applications while the their USB Digital products are designed for modern portable and desktop computer systems that only provide USB ports.

ACCESS I/O Digital boards feature Isolated Inputs, Change of State Detection, Buffered TTL Outputs, Relay Outputs and Solid State Outputs.

Isolated Inputs protect your PCs TTL 5 volt logic from higher voltages that may exist in the outside world. Boards such as the 104-IIRO-16 for the PC/104 bus will accept input voltages in the range of 3V to 31V DC or AC while the PCI-IDO-16 Universal PCI bus board will accept input voltages in the range of 3V to 50V DC or 2V to 36V RMS AC.

ACCESS I/Os Change of State Detection boards are unique in their ability to monitor the state of all inputs. If one or more of the inputs change state, a latched interrupt request can be generated. As a result, it is not necessary to use software to continuously poll the inputs to detect a change-of-state condition. This change-of-state feature is especially useful in applications involving automatic test systems, laboratory automation, robotics & machine control, security systems and energy management to name a few. The 104-DIO-24S provides 24 input lines with change-of-state detection for the PC/104 bus while the PCI-DIO-48S handles 48 input lines on a Universal PCI bus board.

External control circuits usually require more current than 5V TTL logic is design to supply. ACCESS I/Os Buffered TTL Output boards can supply 24mA to drive industry standard Relay or Isolation modules. If you require onboard Relay Outputs or high current Solid State switching then look no further that the USB-RO-16 with electromechanical 1A relays or the PCI-IDIO-16 with 16 Solid State FET Outputs.

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