Automated factories often have computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines in the production line. CNC machine tools move in precise increments according to instructions processed by dedicated CNC computers. Direct Numerical Control (DNC) software is used for automatic instruction code generation and entry. Traditionally, uploads to the CNC computer meant long, cumbersome serial cables or floppy disk transfers. Now Ethernet networks and device servers offer easy data transfers from the network jack of an engineer's PC to the COM port on a CNC computer--just as if the CNC were directly attached to the COM port on the engineer's own PC.

CNC/DNC Machine Tool Programming System

Quatech device servers are the #1 Performer for CNC/DNC Networking Applications because they offer the industry's lowest latency and highest throughput. This low latency advantage is particularly important because it eliminates buffer overflow errors when drip-feeding. Further, remotely accessing machine tools using a single connection to simultaneously uptate multiple CNC machines, instead of manually updating each one on the factory floor, increases both safety and convenience. It also completely eliminates the need for A/B switch boxes, long serial cable runs, and floppy disks.

Ideal for use in most industrial enviornments, Quatech device servers are housed in a sturdy metal case and can be easily DIN-rail or rack mounted. The diagram below depicts a typical CNC/DNC programming system.

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