Security Door Control and Entrance Monitoring
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One of the most basic, and most common access control system involves a magnetic card reader and a RS232 numeric keypad used in a system that authenticates personnel and then transmit a signal to release a door-lock mechanism to provide entry to a limited-access room or building. The card reader and the keypad both require a serial port to connect with a controlling host computer. A traditional system required that a PC be placed within 50 feet of these devices (because of the limitations of RS-232) to monitor and control them. This is extremely cost-ineffective and wastes valuable PC-resources.

Serial device servers solve this problem by network-enabling the RS232 numeric keypad and the magnetic card reader to that they can be remotely monitored and controlled from any computer on the network just as if they were attached to the computer's local COM port. As in the system diagrammed above, this enables a remote server to log all data from the security access point. It also permits access control software programs designed around a serial communication interface to be run from the remote server without any programming changes.

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