Network disasters are impossible to predict, but can be effectively controlled with an Automatic Fallback Switch. It's job is to closely monitor activity on a primary hardware line and in the event that the line changes state respond and re-route one or more data signals to their backup lines. Your system downtime and lost data are cut to a bare minimum.

Automatic Fallback Switches provide independent single throw double pole RJ-45 line switches capable of switching RS232, RS422/485, Ethernet/UTP or telephone signals between a common line jack and an A (default connection) jack and a B (backup connection) jack.

The AFS-16 consists of a Card Rack, a plug-in Power Supply Module, an RS-232 Command Port Card and up to 16 Switch Cards. Each card is capable of switching all 8 pins of a common RJ45 jack between jacks "A" and "B". Each card can be switched manually or by command. The RS-232 command port can be connected to a modem to enter set-up parameters, execute switching commands or view status of the unit's parameters from a remote site.

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