Interworld Electronics offers a complete range of PC/104 data acquisition and control modules. PC/104 is a compact implementation of the ISA PC bus that satisfies the reduced space and power constraints of embedded control applications. The PC/104 standard offers full architecture, hardware and software compatibility with the PC ISA bus in a compact 3.6" x 3.8" stackable form factor.

The range includes High Current Sink (64mA) Digital I/O modules which are ideal for connection to external isolation modules or for driving industry standard optically isolated relays. The 104-DIO24E has 24 high current sink TTL I/O lines while the 104-DIO48E provides 48 I/O lines. The 104-DIO24S and 104-DIO48S provide 24 or 48 I/O lines with input Chang-of-State detection which uses an interrupt to notify your application when voltage levels have changed. This allows the inputs to be monitored without the need for continuous software polling.

Our range of Isolated Input and Electromechanical Relay modules are designed to be connected directly to high voltages. Optically isolated inputs can monitor the state of external processes while electro-mechanical relays can provide direct on-off control of equipment. The 104-II-16 provides 16 optically isolated inputs, the 104-IIRO-16 has 16 optically isolated inputs and 16 electro-mechanical relays while the 104-IIRO-8 has 8 Optically Isolated inputs, 8 Electro-Mechanical relays and 8 TTL inputs all on the same module.

The 104-AO12-4 4 channel 12-bit Analogue Output module provides analogue voltage outputs in the 0 to 5, 0 to 10V, +/-5V and +/-10V ranges and is ideal for process control applications.

If you need a compete data acquisition system on a single card the 104-AI12-8 Multi-function analogue module provides 8 differential or single-ended 12-bit A/D input channels, 3 counter/timers and 24 TTL digital I/O. The 1104-AIO12-8< includes all the features of the 104-AI12-8 plus 4 12-bit analogue outputs channels.

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