Interworld Electronics is pleased to announce a new analog-to-digital (A/D) converter card from Acces I/O. The PCI-AI12-16 is a multifunction, high speed card providing customers with a cost efficient way to increase their data acquisition capabilities as they monitor temperature, movement and other conditions that vary continuously.

The Model PCI-AI12-16 converter card is an addition to the Interworlds family of I/O and data acquistion products accommodating up to 16 single ended inputs or eight differential inputs. The PCI-AI12-16 offers a cost-effective way for customers to transfer from ISA slots to PCI slots. The PCI-AI12-16 Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP drivers, can be used with existing cards and also provides customers with expansion capabilities.

Up to 256 differential or single-ended analog inputs can be managed by using the PCI-AI/1216 A/D card in conjunction with its AIM-16 or AIM-16P multiplexer. Up to sixteen AIM-16P cards can be cascaded providing a total capacity of 256 inputs to the 16-input A/D Converter. The AIM-16P allows direct interface to sensor such as thermocouples and RTD inputs.

The PCI-AI12-16's features also include:

  • Sixteen single-ended/eight different analogue imputs.
  • Twelve-bit resolution, 100 ksamples/s conversions
  • Seven programmable voltage ranges (Unipolar and bipolar)
  • On-board pacer clock and counter timers
  • Analogue inputs expandable to up to 256 by use of external signal conditioners/sub-multiplexers
  • 2K samples FIFO data and point list buffers ("a" version)
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP and LabVIEW software drivers

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