Interworld Electronics has expanded it range of USB to Digital I/O converters to include the DIO8-USB with isolated I/O and the DIO48-USB Buffered TTL I/O devices.

The DIO8-USB and DIO48-USB are ideal for Direct Digital Control/Monitoring of industrial applications via your computers USB ports.

8 Isolated Inputs and 8 Relay Outputs: The DIO8-USB provides eight isolated digital inputs and eight Form C (SPDT) relay outputs capable of carrying up to 2A of current.

48 TTL Digital Channels from USB: The DIO48-USB provides 48 digital TTL inputs or buffered TTL outputs on two 50-pin IDC ribbon cables. The USB-DIO48 has the same industry standard pin-outs for cabling to our PB isolated and relay module racks for control and monitoring of a variety of AC and DC voltages.

These USB to Digital I/O converters are a perfect solution for mobile digital applications. Now your laptop or mobile computer can easily do digital monitoring and control.

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