Interworld Electronics supplies a wide range of Industrial Keyboards and Pointing Devices. Industrial environments present a unique set of problems for computer keyboards and pointing devices. They must survive dust, liquid contaminates, oil and grease, temperature and heavy handed use. Although environmental protection is important, many industrial applications are also characterized by space constraints and require panel or rack mounted devices.

Environmentally Protected Keyboards

Keyboards and pointing devices fall into three broad categories, Unsealed, Unsealed with Protective Membranes and Sealed devices. The degree of protection provided by protective membranes or the method used to seal the device can be determined by the devices IP or NEMA rating. These ratings assign a numeric value indicating the degree of protection provided against dust and/or liquids.

Refer to: IP and NEMA Ratings

The DU-5K, DT-1000 Series and DT-5K Series of keyboards are examples of sealed devices rated to NEMA 4X or IP65. The DT-5K incorporates an industrial silicone rubber keypad and sealed pointing device into an ABS-Polycarbonate plastic desktop case. The DT-5K provides a sealed silicone ruber keypad and pointing device in a stainless steel case with both desktop and panel mounting options.

Environmentally Protected Pointing Devices

Pointing devices can be classified as Mouse, Track Ball, Joystick or Touch Pads. Touch Pads, Trackballs and joysticks are often built into keyboards but are also available as stand along devices. The Joystick devices can be fully sealed and are available with NEMA or IP ratings.

The HULAPOINT (HP-DT/PM) and VP2000 are examples of NEMA 4X rated joystick desktop devices. The VP2000 is also available in as a panel mounted OEM version.

Mouse and Trackballs by their very nature are difficult to environmentally seal. However the RAT-TRAK industrial Trackball is a sealed device with precision stainless steel bearings and 2-inch phenolic ball.

Rack Mounted Keyboards

Small foot print keyboards can by mounted into 19" 1 rack unit drawers providing slide out keyboards that can be conveniently stored away to protect them from the environmental damage and misuse.

The RAK-KD1 is a 19" x 13.6" x 1U rack drawer for mounting small foot print keyboards.

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