Industry 4.0 and a Smart Factory applications are becoming widespread throughout the Process Control industry. They provide a cost-effective way to improve efficiency and enable manufacturers to produce better quality products. Focusing on the food and beverage process automation industry, APLEX has released the FABS series Panel PC’s.
The FABS series, is a new generation human-machine interface panel PC with international food safety grade certification. Designed for applications that require aseptic conditions along with high sanitary requirements the FABS Series facilitates improved food processing automation by enhancing reliability, efficiency and food safety. Realising the potential of the FABS Series a European international food manufacturer has adopted the FABS Series to manage their entire supply chain from slaughter house operations through freezer storage, cooking and canning to the packaging assembly line.
In the Slaughterhouse a FABS-815P is installed allowing the operator to efficiently control the machinery as well as simultaneously record important animal stock statistics including weight, species, health condition, age, etc. The FABS series stainless steel front panel provide a smooth IP69K waterproof and germ-resistive surface. Any contaminating spray that occurs during the slaughtering process is less likely to adhere to the panel reducing the chance of food-borne bacteria. The IP69K rating allows high-pressure water jets to be used during the cleaning and disinfecting process facilitating the maintenance of the equipment and working environment.
The cut meat is temporarily stored in a Cold Storage Warehouse prior to cooking and canning. The Cold Storage Management System is based on a FABS-821P which can withstand temperatures as low as -20°C enabling the staff to directly monitor and control the temperature and humidity in the storage facility.
In addition the cold storage FABS series panel computer has an optional RFID reader installed. At the entrance door, the operators are verified using RFID technology before entering. Inventory is also tracked and controlled by an ETAG based Inventory Management System.
The cooking and canning process is automated by an integrated FABS-810P that controls the heat and duration to precisely follow the recipe. After canning, each can is automatically labelled and barcoded before it is packed. The FABS-810P automates, manages and records the entire cooking, canning and packaging process.
Going beyond simply controlling the hardware to improve efficiency, the APLEX FABS series can be integrated with cloud based services to provide remote control and real-time data processing. With Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing operators can effectively manage each process via a portable device at all times.
The APLEX FABS series, is certified to EN-1672-2 international food safety grade; features SUS304/SUS316 stainless steel front bezel with IP66/IP69K waterproof and dustproof and supports a diverse range of I/O interface expansion cards. While designed specifically for food and beverage application, the FABS Series is suitable for biotechnology and other industry.

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