Interworld Electronics has release the BOXER-6841M Series from Aaeon. The BOXER-6841M Series has been built for both edge AI and machine vision applications. The controller is available in six different configurations, with four edge AI models featuring PCIe(x16) slots for the installation of Nvidia® GPUs, and two machine vision models fitted with a pair of PCIe(x8) slots for frame grabber cards.
BOXER-6841M models are available that support either Intel® Core® i desktop or Xeon® server grade CPUs. All models support up to 32GB of DDR4 ECC or non-ECC SODIMM memory, two 2.5” drive bays and feature five GbE LAN ports, four USB3.0 ports, two HDMI ports, dual mSATA slots, and an additional PCIe(x1) slot. The machine vision models can also support up to five COM ports to support legacy devices.
The four AI models can be fitted with up to 250W GPUs. To support the high power requirements of these GPUs, AAEON has designed these BOXER-6841M models with two 12VDC power inputs. This innovative feature lowers costs and makes the system more stable by reducing the level of wasted heat that would be produced by a single 24V input.
Because the BOXER-6841M is a series of computers rather than a single machine, computing power and features can easily be selected to meet customers’ image processing requirements, whatever they might be.

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