The DIO16-LPCI Low profile half sized Universal PCI card provides a solution for digital control where on board relays are required and inputs must be isolated. The board is ideal for applications such as in test equipment, instrumentation, process control, satellite/microwave network control, audio switching and analogue multiplexing.

The reed relays are more reliable compared to electro-mechanical, in applications of high switch count. Socketed resistor packs can be changed to vary the isolated input range, with the board default within the 2.8-12 VAC/VDC range. The DIO16-LPCI offers the same features as the ISA DIO16 but on the PCI bus with plug-n-play capability.

The C1800 cable can be attached either to the 2M37DSM termination breakout that uses 2TK2D-6 for DIN mounting or if needed the UTB-K with universal termination board installed in a metal enclosure. It has eight reed relays, which can latch power, data, or other electronic signals for control applications. The eight optically isolated inputs allow monitoring of off-boards switch closures or relays, or general purpose monitoring needs.

Operating system support includes DOS, Windows 98/NT/2000/XP.

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