Interworld Electronics' range of watchdog timers continuously monitors critical PC functions. When a fault occurs, the card automatically generates outputs that can be used either to initiate corrective action or to generate alarms. The Watchdog Timer offers excellent protection from CPU malfunctions at a low cost.

Initiates A Reset When The Computer Goes Down
If your application program is set up to communicate with the watchdog circuit at periodic intervals and this "prompt" is missed, the watchdog can be programmed to initiate a reset (reboot). If the reboot is successful, operation may be returned to the previous application program and, if the failure was temporary, proper operation is resumed. If however, the failure is persistent, then the watchdog will continuously reset the computer.

Other Features Include:

  • Relay output & reset line, which can be used to generate warning to let operators know of status.
  • DOS, Windows 95/98/NT support
  • Options include temperature monitor/alarm, fan, speed detect & buzzer.

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