WTI’s W4G-EUA Series 4G LTE Cellular modems help to minimize downtime and speed response to outages by providing remote cellular access to console port command functions and power reboot control, even when In-band networks are down.
When an unresponsive device at a remote site disrupts access to vital network services and capabilities, support personnel can quickly restore communication by creating a cellular connection to the Console Server or Consoles Server PDU Combo. Once connected, support technicians can then reboot unresponsive devices or access console port command functions in order to run troubleshooting or diagnostic routines to address the problem and restore critical services.
The 4G LTE Cellular option is available on our DSM Series Console Servers and CPM Series Console Server + PDU Combos. When both the 4G LTE Cellular option and Dual Ethernet option are present on DSM or CPM series units, this provides support technicians or administrators with three secure, reliable channels for dealing with network emergencies at remote equipment sites.

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