Interworld Electronics is pleased to announce from Acces I/O the release of the PCI-IDO-16 and PCI-IIRO-16 16 Isolated Inputs and 16 Relay Outputs board. These half PCI boards are one of the few on-board relays and isolated input boards that have the change-of-state interrupt feature. This allows the PC’s CPU to be notified when data has changed on the input ports. This greatly frees up system resources by eliminating the need for constant polling of inputs.

The PCI-IDO-16 Solid State relays are preferred where fast speed and larger currents are required. Reed relays have low power limits and electromechanical relays may have “bounce” at higher speeds. The PCI-IDO-16 offers the same features as the popular IDO16 and DIO16SI ISA boards combined.

The PCI-IIRO-16 electro-mechanical relays are preferred in applications where no leakage is allowed and larger current is required than provided by reed relays. The PCI-IIRO-16 offers the same features with twice the ports as the PCI-DIO8.

Other features include 16 optically isolated AC or DC inputs, dual DB-37 female connectors on optional shielded cable, PCI 2.1 compliant (seen past bridge) and plug-and-play. Operating system I/O support includes DOS, LINUX, Windows 98/NT/2000.

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