Interworld Electronics has released the MSR147WD. The MSR147WD is the latest product in the “MSR special data loggers” line: This wireless data logger has been designed for measuring the physiological properties of textiles and is already being successfully used in the textile and clothing industry. The MSR147WD is a wearable data logger that supports up to five plug-in humidity and temperature sensors.
Key features of the MSR147WD:
    • Small (35x17x57 mm), lightweight (approx. 27 g) logger, ideal for tests on test subjects  
    • Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0 Smart): When testing functional clothing by measuring comfort on the skin and in the microclimate between the individual layers of clothing, BLE makes the work significantly easier. Thanks to BLE, the “MSR DataLogger” app can be used to check whether the data is being properly recorded at any given point, without the test subject having to waste time to put on and take off the clothing.
    • OLED colour display to show data and graphical charts – the current measured data can be checked even while measuring takes place, without having to use a smartphone
    • 5 connections for plug-in, external, pre-calibrated humidity and temperature sensors. The sensors supplied by MSR Electronics GmbH can be inserted and removed individually. Due to the automatic configuration feature, the data logger instantly recognises when a sensor and what type of sensor is inserted.
    • Sensors measuring air pressure and 3-axis acceleration (static) are available as internal sensors.
    • Memory capacity: Over 1 000 000 measured values.
    • Lithium-polymer battery 260 mAh
    • free Setup, Reader, Viewer and Online software
    • MSR SmartCloud support
    • swiss made
The MSR147WD is ideal for testing:
    • Subjects in an environmental chamber under controlled conditions where possible tests include: Skin temperature and moisture level, microclimate temperature and moisture level (partial pressure in the microclimate)
    • Field tests during physically and mentally demanding activities: e.g. when skiing, jogging, cycling, swimming, during fire-fighting or military operations, measurements of moisture levels inside shoes, measurements inside motorbike and cycle helmets, backpack measurements etc.
    • Analysis of sleep patterns: Skin moisture level, temperature, sleeping environment temperature and moisture level, pressure variations of air beds during movement (exact monitoring of the motion sequence is possible)
    • Medical research: Skin temperature/moisture level with surgical stockings, temperature/moisture level profile with plasters, measurement of the heat quantity with cooling and heat plasters
    • Work environment: Test measurements for foundry protective clothing and other functional or work clothing

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