The MSR ShockViewer provides a graphical presentation and extensive data analysis of the values recorded by the MSR165 data logger in shock mode. The intuitive analysis software is capable of quickly processing millions of data points relating to dynamic processes, such as critical shock events that may occur during transportation.
Automatic report generation
A single click is sufficient to call up a compact report of the imported data.
Detailed analysis of shock events
Easy to operate graphical zoom and navigation functions allow you to quickly analyse extensive data volumes and determine relevant shock events. In the MSR ShockViewer, you can examine and export both the data curve and the measuring points of every individual shock. The insights obtained from the analysis can be useful not only to verify events causing damage when dealing with questions of liability, but the data also helps you to detect potential damage events early and to optimise packaging, as well as trasport methods and routes.
Clearly show and organise environmental data
If, in addition to the 3-axis acceleration sensor, your MSR165 data logger has temperature, humidity and/or light sensors, the data of these sensors can also be viewed and organised clearly in a chart.  

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