Interworld Electronics has released the DLD1968-U Industrial Sunlight Readable Monitor. The DLD1968-U monitor features a 19" Wide Screen 1280x1024 resolution LCD panel with 1600 cd/m2 high brightness LED backlighting. The DLD1968-U also features a 1000:1 contrast ratio and a viewing angle spaning 85 degrees horizontal and 80 degrees vertical.
The DLD1968-U LED technology provides a highly uniform light distribution and combined with a high transmission colour filter and polarizing glass front plate allows the DLD1968-U to produce a colour accurate, clear and crisp display.
LED technology generates less heat and less EMI noise than CCFL backlights resulting in a low power consumption display. The DLD1968-U is powered from 12VDC and consumes 43 Watts.
The DLD1968-U features rear panel controls that provide access to all display settings. The DLD1968-U can operate in temperatures ranging from -30C to +85C making it ideal for industrial applications.

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