Interworld Electronics has released the FOSTCDRi-Sx Series fibre converters from B+B SmartWorx. The FOSTCDRi-Sx Series is designed to extend serial communications over long distances while providing immunity from heavy industrial environments.
These industrial-grade isolated converters transmit RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 data streams over single-mode fibre optic cables.  Designed for industrial use, the FOSTCDRi-Sx can extend serial data up to 15 km (9 mi) and provides the most versatile connection possible between asynchronous full or half-duplex serial equipment. In addition to direct point-to-point connectivity, the FOSTCDRi-Sx is capable operating in a multi-drop mode. This allows one serial device to communicate with up to 31 others around a fibre optic ring. Since it supports mixed serial standards, it can replace other converters and isolators and provide EMI/RFI immunity which is inherent to fibre optic communications. FOSTCDRi-Sx models are available with SC or ST Fibre optic connectors.
An automatic Send Data Control circuit controls the RS422/485 driver chip, eliminating the requirement for special software. Easy to install and configure, it has a 12-position DIP switch to set up the RS-422/485 parameters and removable terminal blocks to connect serial signals and power. In RS-232 mode, the FOSTCDRI-SC only supports Transmit and Receive Data. Handshaking signals are not passed through.

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